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Pictured through a bush and fence, a white SUV with “UN” painted in blue on the door is parked outside the United Nations office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Liberal Peace Productions

Media and insight for freedom and peace

ElPeace.Pro is a digital magazine offering analysis and opinion about the issues impacting peace.

Amidst heavy smoke in Kyiv's Maidan Square, onlookers take photographs of a demonstration by the wives of Ukrainian soldiers demanding the return of their husbands who are held as prisoners of war by Russia.

Explore the Human Search icebreaker game and networking activity. Cultivate teamwork, foster mutual understanding, and teach peace within your classroom, organization, or professional network.

About Us

Liberal Peace Productions is a digital peace center and production company that works to make political conversation more productive, peaceful, and free.



Motivated by the intensifying Ukrainian conflict and a noticeable lack of peace advocacy, Samuel Teixeira acquired in March and embarked on a mission to cultivate peace within digital communities.



Liberal Peace Productions was officially incorporated as a limited liability company in Connecticut, USA. Writing for the ElPeace.Pro digital magazine commenced alongside the production of our debut documentary, which was recorded in Kyiv in November and December.



"Language" premiered as the inaugural article in ElPeace.Pro Ideas in March, coinciding with the release of the Human Search icebreaker game. Production for the documentary Russia, Ukraine, and the Information War intensified.

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