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A memorial wall outside St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in Kyiv honors Ukrainian soldiers who died in the war with Russia. Thousands of individual photos line the wall with flowers and other offerings left on the sidewalk below.

Wartime Kyiv

Wartime Kyiv is a short documentary that delves into the intricate origins of the conflict in Ukraine and the arduous journey toward peace. Discover the potential for renewed peace negotiations in Ukraine and the motivations driving Russian and Ukrainian involvement in the war.

Liberal Peace Productions was born out of the escalating conflict in Ukraine with a mission to advocate for peace. For El Peace Pro, exploring the origins and justifications behind the war through film was a natural progression for the company's inaugural film.

In November 2023, Executive Producer Samuel Teixeira traveled to Ukraine, recording footage and conducting interviews until mid-December. After reflecting on his experiences in Ukraine, Samuel collaborated with Giancarlo Garcia Salazar and Monica Lucas to craft and produce the documentary. Aida Heydari also played a vital role in the production.

Our Team

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